The Facts

Tougher Rules Needed

Forcing natural gas out of shale rock through hydraulic fracturing is riskier than conventional gas development and requires tougher rules than those now in place, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in a new report.
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In June of 2011, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bills 133 & 153. HB 133 mandated that all public lands with the exception of Nature Preserves, be opened to leasing for oil and gas exploration and drilling. This meant that all of Ohio's state parks and forests would be subject to the imposition of oil and natural gas drilling operations within their boundaries. With the advent of deep shale drilling technology this would involve Slick Water High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing technology whose impact on the landscape and the environment dwarfs conventional drilling technology. Any public lands nominated for leasing were to first be approved by a newly created commission heavily weighted towards the Oil & Gas industry. (Summary of HB 133)

House Bill 153 was a budget bill with a provision that changed the policy on the sale of timber in state parks. Prior to this, parks had to get approval from the Director in order to sell timber, and the timber could only have been the result of normal maintenance operations or a safety issue. With this provision, timber sales could proceed with no restrictions in the state parks, including clear cutting.  (Summary of HB 153)

Ohio Environmental Council put together this analysis of the legislation for Mohican Advocates: OEC Analysis.

A Bad Month

June of 2011 was a bad month for our State Parks & Forests. That month the Ohio General Assembly passed HB 133 which mandated the leasing of all public lands for oil and gas exploration and drilling. They also passed the biennium budget bill that month, HB153 with a provision that changed long standing timber sale policy in all State Parks. Mohican Advocates commissioned the Ohio Environmental Council to write an analysis of what both pieces of legislation meant for Mohican State Park & Forest along with Malabar Farm. It is applicable to all State Parks & Forests.