About Us


The Coalition to Protect Ohio's Parks is an effort to reverse the decision of state lawmakers to open Ohio's State Parks and Forests to drilling and fracking for gas and oil, and their decision to allow commercial logging in our State Parks for profit alone. The Coalition's executive members are Sierra Club of Ohio, Buckeye Forest Council, and Mohican Advocates, Inc. The goal is to educate Ohioans on this legislation and its potential impacts by facilitating local groups to rally individuals, organizations, businesses, and local government officials around their state parks and forests in order to protect them. It is the belief of the Coalition that our parks and public forests belong to the citizens of Ohio, and they should be kept free from industrial development so that they may continue to serve as reservoirs of biodiversity, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities along with economic engines that can, in their current state, contribute to the state's overall economic health for generations to come.